Rescue Mutt Monday - Blue



Anyone living through the 90’s in Ontario remembers the heart wrenching Sarah McLaughlin commercials for the SPCA. All the terribly sad puppies and kittens, looking out of their cages waiting for a home; it was enough to make you want to run out and get ALL THE PUPPIES AND KITTENS! Despite the heartbreak those commercials caused, it highlighted the important issue of abandoned and homeless pets.

Why Rescue?

Short answer: you will be saving an animal’s life. You will be able to give them a loving home and prevent them from meeting an early demise due to overcrowding at a shelter. There is nothing quite like the love of a rescue dog or cat.

Rescue animals have been through unthinkable situations from being abandoned, never knowing a loving home, or being abused. These dogs will thank you for bringing them into your family with never ending cuddles, love, and hilarious antics. You can never go wrong with a rescue dog.

Does this mean you are anti-breeder?

Absolutely not! Here at Waddles & Wags, we love all dogs regardless of being a rescue or from a breeder. That being said, it is important to do your research before deciding what breeder to choose since the prevalence of puppy mills and backyard breeding is all too common in North America.

This brings us to our inaugural Rescue Mutt Monday!

Every Monday, we will be featuring a dog or cat in need of a loving home from local rescue organizations. This week's feature comes from Fetch & Releash! Without further ado, our first feature!

Meet Blue!

Blue is a beautiful 5 year old mutt from Mexico who has spent years living on the streets.

She is completely blind in her right eye but no other health issues to report. 

Blue is a gentle soul, who can be a bit shy at first but once you win her over, she will steal your heart with her sweet disposition.

She is nervous with loud noises and new situations, but with patients and slow introductions to new people and situations she will be a wonderful member of your family! She is also well suited to join another pup who can teach her the ropes of being a dog in the Great White North.

If Blue has already captured your heart, head over to Fetch & Releash to learn more and share this with anyone you know who may love to have a girl as lovely as Blue join their family!