5 Items You Actually Need for Your New Puppy

Happiness is a warm puppy.
— Charles M. Schluz

There are few things more exciting than getting a puppy! They’re balls of furry, smooshy love who just want to cuddle, play, and sleep. They are also a great excuse to start a whole new shopping addiction for pet supplies! Before you buy your new furry friend a whole wardrobe, a bed for each room, and a collar in every colour of the rainbow, take a look at our list of what you should

1. Collar with ID – Although you will want to consider a different walking contraption to walk your new family member on, it is important for your pup to get used to wearing a collar with identification on it. Make sure the ID has your dog’s name and at least a phone number on it in case they decide to get in touch with their inner Steve McQueen and make a Great Escape.

 2. Toothbrush – The dental health of your dog can never start too young. Introducing your puppy to a toothbrush will help to desensitize them to the experience of having you handle their mouths and taking care of their chompers. Many health issues stem from dental care so put your new puppy’s health first and brusha brusha brusha their pearly whites!

3. Chew Toy – In the world of dog toys, there are so very many to chew-s from (see what we did there?)! One brand we cannot say enough positive things about is West Paw. The material is soft enough to not hurt your poor pup’s baby teeth but tough enough that you do not have to worry about a piece coming off within the first 30 seconds of chewing. Check out The Fluffy Carnivore for the Hurley Dog Bone to try!

4. Baby Gate – As much as you love your fluffy little bundle of teeth and energy, they will inevitably ruin your stuff, usually your important charging cords. Keep your pup (and stuff) safe, install some well-placed baby gates to keep your dog where you can see and supervise them.

 5.  Pet Insurance – This may be the most boring item on the list BUT it is extremely important. Dogs are loving, funny, entertaining, and expensive. Do some research and consider getting pet insurance to help mitigate potential financial issues that arise from emergency health care expenses.