2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is a time of giving, but let’s face it, we spoil our dogs all year round. 

By the time the holidays come around, finding them that perfect gift can be challenging.

Throw in the fact that there’s new products coming out and popping up every day, and overwhelm can set in fast. 

That’s why this weeks recommendations are all about the giving season. 

Below, you’ll find four gift ideas that we, over at Waddles and Wags, love and live by.


1. Head-Lite Collars



Head-Lite Collars are durable and long lasting LED based collars that light up around your dog’s neck.  

They come in a variety of colour and visibility options, they’re machine washable, and they’re 100% Canadian made.  

Lucy (my dog and best friend) and I use the Head-Lite Collar because it affords us more park time!  

We’re able to go to the dog park as early and late as we’d like, regardless of when the sun rises or sets. 

Lucy loves her’s, and so do I!  The Head-Lite makes her easy to spot, which allows me to see her from a distance, giving me peace of mind. 

Not to mention how easy it is to turn on and off, and the fact that it comes with an easy to replace battery pack. 

To learn more about the benefits of a Head-Lite Collar, visit Head-Lites main site here. To get one of your own, head on over to the The Fluffy Carnivore, and get picking!


2. Holiday Dog Treats

Canine candy canes

Canine candy canes

Let’s face it, dog’s love treats!  This makes Flying Hounds’ holiday treats all that much more appealing.   

Not only are they delicious but they’re made with 100% locally sourced and/or organic ingredients. 

Flying Hounds is a dog treat company based out of Ottawa, Ontario.  They make unique and whimsical high quality dog treats all year round.

This Christmas, howevery, they’ve created a Canine Candy Cane treat made with locally sourced venison, organic apples, organic beets, and organic out flour.  

These Canine treats are gluten-free, made with no artificial ingredients, and created from scratch in small batches. This means that they’re always fresh, delicious and healthy. 

Stuff these into your dogs stocking and watch them wag their tail as they sniff them out on Christmas morning! 

We get ours at The Fluffy Carnivore.  They even deliver them to us! 


3. Custom Dog Tags

personalized gift tags 

personalized gift tags 

Dog tags are a must for any pup or dog, used to help identify your mutt by name and telephone number, should they wander off or get lost.  

Custom name tags allow us to highlight our dogs personality in what would otherwise be a very standard sentiment. 

Marie-Josée’s personalized dog ID tags are a great gift idea.

They’re made from thick nickel silver or solid brass, in Canada, and hand-stamped with your choice of design. 

With 10+ designs to choose from, this may be the prettiest gift on our guide!  

Buy one for ID purposes, or to dress up your pup for various holidays and seasons - Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Winter, etc.  It’s the perfect accessory for either or. 

Head on over to MJLeatherworks, on Etsy, and have a peak at the various stamp designs available!


4. A Dog Walker

A dog walker 

A dog walker 

We may be bias, but we think a dog walker is the greatest gift you can give your stay at home pup or full-grown dog. 

We get it, sometimes you’ve gotta be out of the house for extended periods of time.  

Between, work, school, errands and family/friends time, it’s hard to raise pups on our own.  

That’s why a dog walker is such a great gift idea! 

You can get a dog walker for one-on-one attention, or have your dog included in a pack trip to a local dog park. 

Not only does your dog get to go out for potty, but they get to socialize and play as well. 

Furthermore, at Waddles and Wags, we offer dog walking and image updates via our personalized App.  

This means that you get to see when we’ve arrived at your door, at the park and then back again at your home. 

We’ll even send a pic alongside the details, so you never feel too far away, and you’re always included in the process. 

Depending on your needs, dog walkers usually offer a variety of options. 

You can purchase one walk, for that day that you’ll be out longer than usual, or a few walks for schedules that are consistently time-away-from-pup consuming. 

Have a peak at our rates and packages for a better understanding of your options, and book your free meet-and-greet to see if we’re the right fit for your furry four-legged friend. 



There you have it, your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Pick one, stuff a few into your pups stocking (dog walker excluded), or get them all. 

Whatever you choose to do, just remember, it's not supposed to be stressful to give, and it’s always the thought that counts the most! 

Happy shopping!

Tag us in your dog’s holiday pics, on Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtag #wwholiday and we may just have to repost them on our profile pages!