Bi-Weekly Review - West Paws' Jive Ball (for Fetch)

Every week, we’ll be reviewing a new dog product, treat, toy or service, using a 5 Paw rating, with five meaning 'hallelujah' and one meaning 'horrible'.

This week, we’ll be reviewing West Paw’s Jive Ball. 



Why does it matter which ball you buy? 

We’ve all been there - you buy a new ball, and throw it once, twice, maybe even three times, before your furry friend decides they don’t wanna run after it anymore.  

Instead, they cop a squat (aka lie down) and quickly chomp straight through their shinny new toy. 

If you’re like me, you rush to the store to buy another. 

But after a few weeks of this, the idea of taking fetch off your list of games to play, sure seems enticing. 

Fetch balls are not cheap, so when they’re not durable either, it’s extremely frustrating to deal with. 

That’s why, when I discovered Jive Ball, by West Paw, I knew I had to post a review for it.  

I mean, it’s not everyday that the skies part, the angels sing, and Steve (my most ferocious mutt) meets his match!



What is a West Paw Jive Ball?

West Paw dog toys are made in Montana, using environmentally friendly practices - my hippie heart almost melted when I learned that their toys are recyclable (should they ever wear out).  

That, alongside their one-time exchange policy, should the toys not hold up, sold me on the idea of investing my fetch dollars into their Jive Ball - their most durable dog ball yet. 

The Jive Ball is about the size of a tennis ball, made entirely from latex, BPA-and-phthalate-free materials, and is dishwasher safe.  

That means, its not bulky, it’s not dangerous and I can clean it - that’s three checkmarks so far.

How I Fell Head-Over-Heals In Love With This Product

I take an average of six dogs to the park twice a day, six days a week. 

This means that over the course of one week, whatever ball I take with me, is used for 12 hours, and handled in a variety of different ways, depending on the dog that gets a hold of it. 

From Lucy’s (the only one of the bunch I can legally claim ownership of) gentle play, to Steve ferocious chewing on it (from the back of his mouth, as hard as possible, for about 10 minutes, five times a week), and everything in between.  

Here’s what happened when I switched over to the Jive Ball.  

  • By the end of the week one, the ball barely looked used. 
  • By the end of the week two, it had a couple tooth marks around it, but was by no means in need of retirement, and 
  • After a month of regular use, well, it’s still going strong!


Our Paw Rating (drum roll please…)

Not only is the Jive Ball durable and safe.  

It’s also got great bounce, it floats, and my dogs love chasing and chewing it. 

While the price point appears to be higher than your average store-bought bouncy ball, when you consider its durability (that’s 48 hours under the duress of 6 dogs) and guarantee, not buying one is actually costing you way more than investing in it ever could. 

As far as we’re concerned, this ball hits a home-run, with a 5 PAW RATING!  In other words, it’ll make you scream HALLELUJAH!

So, if you’re as tired as I am, of replacing chew toys that can’t withstand chewing (figure that one out?!?), head on over to The Fluffy Carnivore and pick up your first (and probably the only one you’ll ever need) Jive Ball.  

For more information about West Paw, visit them online here.