Rescue Mutt Monday - Farley

Why You Should Rescue a Dog?

There are many great reasons for adopting a rescue.  Here are a couple!

1. When you adopt a rescue, you are giving a loving dog a new life. 

Rescue dogs usually come from high-kill shelters, after having been abandoned by their families, or living as strays. 

Rescuing a dog gives them the opportunity for a new, loving life with your family.

2. There is nothing quite like the love of a rescue dog. 

Rescues are eager to find a family that fits.  They long for the love and companionship that comes with adoption.

Because of this, there is a special kind of love and connection between adopters and their rescues.  

They understand all too well what life is like without a loving family and warm bed, and so they appreciate it that much more when they have it. 

This Weeks Rescue

This week's featured rescue, Farley, is from Fetch & Releash

Fetch & Releash is a 100% volunteer-run dog rescue founded in 2016.

Their dogs come from a variety of different backgrounds, and their work involves partnerships with local and international shelters and pounds.

At Fetch & Releash, their mission is to rescue and re-home as many dogs as possible, regardless of their age, breed, background, health and/or behavioural issues.

Their goal is to find each of their rescued dogs the loving forever-home they deserve.

Meet Farley!

Meet Farley! Farley is a 9 year old gentle-dog of the highest order.  

Farley loves his human friends, enjoys scratches at the base of his neck, and lives for sunning himself in the yard.

Farley knows his basic commands and can easily learn new tricks.  While he enjoys his two 30 minute walks per day with the foster fam, he is fully house trained and is even able to roam his home freely while his parents are out. 

Farley thrives best around older children (8+), as he can get a bit overwhelmed with the roughhousing of the young.

He would also do best in a home where he is the only pet, or at least dog - he can be choosy about his K9 friends and enjoys chasing smaller pets such as kittens.  

If you would like more information on Farley, you can check out his full profile here.

If you or someone you know is interested in Farley, head over to Fetch & Releash to fill out an application for today!

Other Ways to Help

Adoption is not the only way to help, here are some steps you can take now, to contribute to the cause!

Volunteer - Fetch & Releash is 100% volunteer-run. Join their team to become a part of the solution.  Fill out their online application here.

Foster - At Fetch & Releash, they utilize foster homes to provide temporary loving families for their rescues, until they find their forever-home.  Become a foster parent pup today! Fill out their online application here.

Donate - Fetch & Releash is a not-for-profit organization that relies solely on the generosity of the public. They do not receive any funding from the government, city or SPCA. Every dollar raised through fundraising is reinvested back into the rescue, to help more dogs in need. Make your donation here.