Introducing Your Dog to Other Dogs

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Our Mississauga Dog Walkers have put together three things you should focus on when introducing your dog to other dogs. This will help to make the process for both you and your dog more enjoyable and successful.

Plan to Have the Dogs Meet on Neutral Ground
Choosing the right place is the first step. You’ll want to select a spot where neither dog is likely to feel territorial. Unless it is a dog park, choosing the favorite park of either dog is not a good idea. We suggest the dogs casually meet while you are on a shopping trip to the pet store. Or an ideal setting would be to choose a new park unfamiliar to either dog. 

Keep the Dogs on a Leash
The aspiring friends should both be kept on their leashes. It’s a good idea to keep the leashes loose. Tension on the leash can signal the dogs that you are fearful or anxious about their meeting which in turn makes them more fearful and anxious. Keep the dogs side by side with a safe distance between them. When everyone is comfortable and waking calmly, cross paths (still maintaining distance) and allow the dogs to smell where the other has walked.

Let the Dogs Meet
Now is a great time to let the dogs meet. Allow the dogs to approach each other, watching their body language closely. The dogs may need to do a little posturing or make a little noise, but if you don’t see any aggressive behavior it’s time to let the dogs off the leash in a safe location. This will allow them to have the space they need to get to know each other.

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